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Geneviève Rogister

Bring your capabilities into action

Trainer & Therapist


I am a trainer in Communication & Management for more than 20 years for international organizations and private companies.

I also give individual consultations at my office and online.

The trainings provide key tools for interacting effectively, communicating and cooperating well in the office and online.

 As well as to equip participants to meet future challenges and changes.

My chosen fields are presented below.

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I support you to help you deploy your capacities.

Whether it's to better manage your emotions, reduce stress, increase your self-confidence, remove obstacles, improve your communication, manage a difficult situation, find your direction, a relationship, professional or health issue, it's about finding what will allow you to resolve your situation.

Each person and situation are unique, so each solution is specific to each person.

The work that I propose aims for you to better understand what is happening and use your abilities and your strengths to solve the issue.

I use different approaches

Therapy session

Listening and Support

View of Meditation Garden


Image by D. Jameson RAGE

Energy Harmonization

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