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About me

I give training and work with teams in a wide variety of sectors such as: legal services, political services, marketing, sales, purchasing, conference organization, human resources, L&D, aviation, security services, audit, finance, immigration, customs, employment, health, education, translation in international organizations, private companies or NGOs.

I have also been a therapist since 2009. I give consultations at my office or online.

Previously, I was conducting epidemiological studies in a university hospital in Brussels.

I have a degree in Hospital Sciences and one in Hospital Hygiene, obtained at the Free University of Brussels.

I left this field in 1991.

To become a therapist and trainer, I followed training in Europe and the USA such as: Interpersonal Communication, Listening and Accompaniment, NLP, Hypnosis, Analysis and Cellular Reinformation, Leadership, Change Management, Negotiations, Practitioner in Applied Neuroscience.

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