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About me

My speciality is to support people and team in phase of change and uncertainty and to help them to maintain or improve their communication, their cooperation, to use collective intelligence and creativity to achieve their goals.

Since, 2000, I have been giving trainings and working with teams in a wide variety of sectors such as: legal services, political services, marketing, sales, procurements, conferences organization, IT departments, human resources, L&D, aviation, security services, audit, finance, immigration, customs, employment, health, education, translation, in international organizations, private companies or NGOs.

I have 2 university degrees and have worked in a university hospital where I conducted epidemiological studies.

It is by conducting these studies and working with teams to support them in the implementation of new practices that I have seen the impact of management, communication, cooperation on team performance and the pitfalls.

I then started trainings in Interpersonal Communication, Listening and Support, NLP,  Leadership, Change Management, Negotiations, Practitioner in Applied Neuroscience.


Since 2009. I give consultations at my office or online. 

I am certified in talk therapy, hypnosis and energy harmonization.

I support people in the process of change in their professional or private life, to unleash their capabilities and move forward.

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