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Uccle, Fort Jaco or on line

Therapy session
  • Listening and support

      Offers listening, understanding and support in finding solutions to solve issues.

      Supports you to move forward.


      The session lasts 1 hour.

View of Meditation Garden
  • Hypnosis

      To increase self-confidence, better management of emotions, reduce           stress, make changes you want.


       The session lasts 1 hour.

Image by D. Jameson RAGE
  • Energy Harmonization 
    Identifies the cause of problems wether physical, emotional, mental or relationship problems. Removes blockages and gives precise indications on the actions to be taken to solve the problem in a lasting way.
    The number of sessions needed varies from person to person. However, we observe a relief from the first session.


       The sessions are monthly and last 1 hour.

Reasons for consultations:

  • Change - you want to make change in your life or you face change, professional or private.

  • Stress

  • You feel stuck

  • Performance issues

  • Relationship, health or emotional issues​​

  • Increase self-confidence 

  • You are at a time of you life where you want to evolve and you are ready

  • Support to choose your direction 

  • Support to take actions

  • You have understood the cause of your difficulties but have not created the changes you want.

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