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  I use different tools and techniques to help people solve their difficulties:

  • Energy Harmonization - Analysis and Cell Reinformation©

  • Talk therapy

  • Hypnosis



  • Energy Harmonization - Analysis and Cell Reinformation© 
    Identifies the cause of problems wether physical, emotional or related to the way of seeing the situation. Removes blockages and gives precise indications on the actions to be taken to solve the problem in a lasting way.

  • Talk therapy

      Offers listening, understanding and support in resolving problems.

      Supports you to find the actions to move forward.

  • Hypnosis

       ​Has been used for a very long time. This method helps tap into unconscious mind to find solutions

       and bring changes.

 Reasons for consultations:

   Challenges such as:

  • Relationship, health or emotional issues​

  • Stress

  • Burnout

  • You feel stuck

  • You want something different

  • Anxiety

  • Performance issues


  • You want more self-awareness

  • More focus

  • Increase self-confidence and trust

  • You are at a time of you life where you want to evolve and you are ready

  • Support to choose your direction 

  • Support to take actions