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Image by Mika Baumeister

People, groups are unique and specific, therefore each training is different.

Pre-training discussions with my clients is the first step to know and understand the corporate culture and identify skills participants need to acquire and develop so that I can adapt the course content and format.

I give group and individual training.


Here are the training I propose:

  • Communicate better to Cooperate better

  • Turn difficult conversation into Collaborative Dialogue

  • Holding Accountability discussion

  • Giving and receiving feedback 

  • Know how communicate and cooperate well with your supervisor

  • Increase confidence to develop your capabilities 

  • Know yourself to better adapt to change

  • Influencing without authority

  • People management

  • Communication skills - basics

According to the request and needs, it is possible to combine topics.


  • Setting a good atmosphere that is conducive for exchanges. 

  • Participatory.

  • Concrete and pragmatic.

  • Commitment and proactivity on the part of participants.

  • Implementation in practice after each session.

  • Personalized feedback.

  • Theoretical contributions.

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