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Geneviève Rogister

I am a trainer and a therapist.

Trainer in communication and management for more than 20 years for international organizations.

Therapist since 2009, I give consultations at my office or on line.

Communication, trust and cooperation are needed to navigate through times of uncertainty and face challenges. One of the roles of managers is to create the conditions for this to happen. On the other hand, employees have also a role to play. All are actors to create the results they want. They have different roles, competences, seniority, and responsibilities but to achieve the common goals everyone is accountable. In a fast-moving environment, the trust, the cooperation, the use of collective intelligence and creativity are crucial for companies et organizations that want to grow and succeed. To achieve such an objective, people need tools, skills and the mindset to adapt quickly while maintaining focus and team cohesion.

Therapist since 2009, I used different methods to support my patients.

Image by D. Jameson RAGE

Energy Harmonization

To identify the cause of the problem whether physical, emotional, behavioral or cognitive. Then to remove blockages and to find lasting solutions.

Therapy session

Talk Therapy

Listening, understanding and support to solve problems.


When you would like to increase self-awareness.

View of Meditation Garden


Has been used for a very long time. This methods helps to access inner strengths and bring changes.


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