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Obstacle or Challenge

Seeing a problem as an obstacle that prevents us from moving forward or a challenge to overcome completely changes the way we act.

In the first case, it creates stress, discouragement, a feeling of heaviness. Some choose to delegate the power to give us the solution to someone else.

In the second case, it stimulates us to seek, to listen to our intuition, to develop autonomy and to dare.

The situation is the same, only the perspective is different.

All the skills and knowledge we have acquired are the results of our experiences and learning.

Has it always been easy?

No, not always.

It sometimes took time, effort, we made mistakes but we learned something.

It made us broaden our horizons, to question our way of thinking, to ask for help, to meet new people, to get to know oneself better and ultimately to find a solution we would not think of if we had not walk this path.

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